Chateaugay History

Chateaugay was settled in 1796 by Benjamin Roberts and Nathan Beman following their survey of the area the year before. 

By March 15, 1799, the area had sufficient population to be declared a township within Clinton County. The early years of the settlement were marked with hard work and survival of the remote, frontier conditions. By 1800, the second US Census showed a population of 443 as the Town of Chateaugay encompassed all of the present Franklin County.  

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About Us

The Chateaugay Historical Society was Provisionally Chartered as a not-for-profit educational corporation by the State Education Department in 2006 and was granted its Absolute or Permanent Charter in 2014. We are housed in the Archival Center on the second floor of the Chateaugay Town Hall and seek to preserve and share the history of Chateaugay through collections of materials, public spaces for research, and seasonal exhibitions.

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